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Craft the Perfect Digital Strategy to Grow your Revenue.

Do you want to grow your BRAND, Generate more LEADS, make more SALES and multiply your REVENUE?

Helping companies to acquire more customers online and increase revenue through Digital Solutions.

When you’re introducing a product, a service, or an idea out into the market,there is no second chances or do-overs. You get only a single shot to create that buzz. “First impression is the best impression”. It is very important to have the best visibility and discovery to make it count and standout. I will make sure that whatever solution I suggest or execute are all backed up by Data and real-world insights. I won’t be just another consultant but your Partner in crime for Digital Solution.

#1 Trusted Digital Marketing Expert - WordPress Developer | Rahul D Sarker

Achieving Growth Since 2012.

Delivered over 650+ projects & consultation services on Websites Design & Development, Digital Marketing and Business Development & Optimisations to clients in the past 7 years.

WordPress Consultation

WordPress Design & Development

Our WordPress web design and development process begins with a sit-down with you. During this, we would need you to complete an elaborate brief and provide information on functionality and what you want your site to achieve within the context of your business. This would act as the base for research and aid us in formulating a detailed strategy. From our end, we would provide suggestions on design, cosmetic and other relevant features before we start working on your site.

WordPress Theme and Plugin Customization

If you just purchased your WordPress premium theme and plugins and you need to customize some features, add plugins and optimize its speed, you can request our expert customization services here. We are your best bet on this!
Using the best approach and tactics, we breakdown your project into a smaller fraction, build and customize it with frameworks and plugins that will enhance it to deliver a great outcome.

To ensure your website perfectly meets your expectations and agrees with the factors that dominate the current market trends, we deliver a WordPress theme and plugin customization services that help you to pitch a unique and outstanding experience to the end-user. Our friendly customization’s are updating friendly. They remain unchanged anytime the theme and plugin are updated.

WordPress Migration

WordPress migration is the process of moving a WordPress install from one server to another without affecting its functionality. There are several reasons why you would want to go ahead with this, such as:
1.Moving to a better hosting provider. In this context, better could mean anything – for example, lower prices or faster loading times.
2.Pushing a local WordPress site to a live server.
Moving a site from a subdomain to the main directory.

If you fall into any of these categories, and have put off migrating your site because the process sounds complicated, we’re here to show you otherwise! 

WordPress MultiSite Setup and Network Management

WordPress Multi-site is a popular feature of WordPress, which enables you to create and run multiple websites using the same WordPress installation on your server. In other words, you can manage several different WordPress websites from a single dashboard. You can use it for a variety of purposes, such as updating all of your websites with a single click or charging your subscribers to create a website on your Multi-site network.

Digital Marketing Consultation

Content & SEO

Content marketing is the practice of creating free content on your site, with the goal of sharing it and bringing more attention to your brand. This can be achieved without paying for advertising. Content marketing is a standard part of many modern digital marketing strategies, and we have years of experience helping our clients gain more visibility online.

Marketing Strategy

To recognize business success and outperform your competitors, your business needs to have Google’s attention! Me and my team specialize in developing online marketing strategies that will make you a digital leader and boost your online sales enquiries.

We do not underestimate the impact of technology and neither should you. Business is conducted against the backdrop of smart phones, tablets, e-commerce channels and multiple social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram and Twitter – just to name a few). Today’s consumers expect to be able to interact with your business anytime, anywhere and via any device.
We can help you reach your customers through a strong online presence. Based on your industry and your unique business requirements, we advise businesses on the optimal online marketing mix and can help you set the right marketing budget, to increase customer traffic and give your business a boost.

Paid Ads & Media

It’s possible that a prospective customer will choose to visit your website up to five times, before committing to buy. Consumers are less inclined to make a direct response on their first visit, because of their desire for social proof. Many advertisers are surprised to discover just how often their converted traffic begins as a click on a paid Ad – it’s more than they expect!

Focusing solely on conversion rates and cost-per-acquisition could be misleading. Flexible re-marketing options can serve to bolster the conversion rate of any campaigns.

We can assist with review, setup and optimization options – whether your existing AdWords account is in need of care, or you have a brand new website in need of qualified traffic.

Social Media

Social Media Marketing allows you to encourage your target market to regularly engage with your brand and become your most profitable online and offline advocates. With a well thought out social media strategy, your business can generate market leading customer engagement, create more brand awareness, encourage consistent website traffic, assist new sales or create a new direct revenue stream for your website. 

Conversion optimization

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) is the process of analyzing user behaviour on a website, to determine how to increase the rate of web user conversion. This is a very helpful process, if your site has a good amount of natural traffic but fails to convert highly enough.
Our unique software enables us to watch individual user sessions as recordings, which means we can gather qualitative data about how users flow through the site and see where they’re falling off.


Business Consultation

We can help organisations develop winning strategies that will enable them to become more competitive. Whether you are seeking a new business strategy to differentiate your brand or wanting to implement initiatives to transform your business and will design a plan of action tailored to your needs.
We specialize in helping organisations achieve business transformation and growth through implementing various innovative and practical business strategies. If you’re looking for customer-centric solutions to ensure your company is keeping up with the latest industry trends, you have come to the right place. 
Designing a strategy through to implementation and helping you transform your business — we can surely assist you with all these services.


Successful organisations know the importance of moving fast. We can help you accelerate your plans by designing solutions that leverage leading business and technology solutions to achieve your goals faster.


Operational efficiency can often lead to compromising the customer experience. We optimize your business using updated technologies to generate cost savings and also enhance the customer experience.


Every sustainable organisation will require to transform an aspect of its business to continue to thrive. Change is a difficult path and we can help reduce the challenges of both business and digital transformation.

Do you want to grow your BRAND, Generate more LEADS, make more SALES and multiply your REVENUE?

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