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When you’re introducing a product, a service, or an idea out into the market,there is no second chances or do-overs. You get only a single shot to create that buzz. “First impression is the best impression”. It is very important to have the best visibility and discovery to make it count and standout. I will make sure that whatever solution I suggest or execute are all backed up by Data and real-world insights. I won't be just another consultant but your Partner in crime for Digital Solution.

Are you looking forward to setup & grow your business online? Yes!, You’re at the right place. I am an established Digital Marketing Expert & WordPress Developer based out of Kolkata, India. I help Startups, Small & Medium Business to solve Technical & Marketing Challenges, empowering them to focus and grow the business. I conduct regular digital marketing training workshops across the India and developing the next generation experts.

I am result-oriented Digital Marketing Expert based out of Kolkata, India, offering 7+ years of experience across WordPress Development, Digital Marketing Consulting, Sales & Marketing Communications and Corporate training.

In today’s time, it is must to have a online presence for your business. But in almost every single niche the competition is tough. Therefore, in order to standout in this tough competitive digital world, you need to have proper strategy and proven game plan. Your business should have a proper Responsive Mobile Friendly Website, Good & meaningful content(Content is King), Good ranking on the Search Engine Result Page, Social Media Presence, Proper strategy for Inbound Marketing, Paid Advertisement, Lead Generation Strategy and Optimized Sales Funnel.

As a digital strategist, my prime focus is to help my clients by leveraging the best proven strategies, so that their brand grows exponentially online, dominate the search result page, generate more leads and sale. I worked as both Digital Marketing Expert and WordPress Developer. I have been development website using WordPress more than 8 Yrs now. I believe in providing a managed solution, which includes all the aspect of the Digital Marketing. Search Engine Optimization (SEO), when coupled with Content and Inbound Marketing, holds the best value approach to marketing for businesses in every sector and of every size. There should be a proper balance of every platform. Online Good Website or Social Media Profile is not enough. All the platforms should be interconnected and well synchronized. As a Digital Marketing Expert and WordPress Developer I offer services globally. I have provided WordPress Development, Digital Marketing, SEO, SMM, PPC, Lead Generation services in India, USA, UK, UAE, Bangladesh and Srilanka.


Digital marketing is essential for the business as in today’s world we are consuming more digital data than any kind. It is the best way to reach out to our customers with the message of our brands. Digital Marketing has some important factors that lead digital marketing to the next big benefited marketing.

  • Cost Effective- Digital marketing is really cheap in comparison to offline marketing as it doesn’t need more manpower to get in.
  • Long Lasting- It is very long lasting as it stays there once the content has been created.
  • Never Sleep- Digital marketing keeps your brand growing as it never sleeps. It stays there with you every single user to encourage them to choose you.
  • Reach your Customer segment easily- You can easily segment your customers to reach specific customers only.
  • High ROI- Digital marketing gives you high ROI ever in any form of marketing.
  • Easy Tracking- you can easily track your every single penny, where are spending and what are you getting in return.
  • Social Proof- Digital marketing given you social proof that helps you building your brand so it helps you in future too.
  • Reach To Mobile Customers- It reaches to mobile customers and as I already mentioned we are consuming more digital data than any kind.

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