Who is Rahul D Sarker?

I am an Entrepreneur, a digital marketing strategist, WordPress consultant. In the past 6 years, helped more than 300 businesses ‚ all from entry level to enterprise‚ and I understand how to effectively use digital, print & electronic media marketing to reach their business goals. I provide digital media consulting for scopes like Search Engine Optimization, Social Brand Building, e-commerce consulting, Pay Per Click and Training.

Consultation & Services

Marketing that gets noticed. Strategies that get results.
WordPress Consultation & Development

Specializing in custom WordPress Website development which responsive, fast, secure and SEO friendly.

Digital Marketing Consultation

As an innovative tool, digital marketing covers a wide-ranging activities to deliver the marketing and advertising messages to the target audience through digital channels such as Search Engines, Websites, Social Media, Email, Display Advertising and Pay-Per-Click Advertising.

Training & Workshop

Training & Workshops about SEO, Branding, PPC, Social Media Marketing and Sale & Conversion for you or your team.

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