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The process is very simple. I need to collect a few basic information about yourself and your profession which will help me to know about you. Once I receive that basic information, I will be sharing the questionnaires via email. After that, I will be sharing you the appointment booking form, so that you can confirm your availability for the interview.

The format is very simple. The interview will be online and will be around 45 min to 1 hrs long. There will be a total of 3 part of the interviews.

  1. We will start with a few questions about you and your profession.
  2. We will be talking about the questionnaires that are previously shared via email.
  3. Rapid-fire round. There will be a list of 8-10 questions, which you need to answer quickly. Mostly it will fun question. Don’t ask me about it, I won’t tell ?. Let it be a surprise.


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