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I am a Kolkata based Digital Marketing Consultant in India. Offering SEO, SMM, PPC, Lead Generation & Conversation optimization services in India, USA & Canada & UK.

Digital Marketing

I help converting regular visitors into paying customers to you through creative, innovative and effective search, social media and digital marketing strategies.

We help you achieve Digital Leadership 

A Customer focused Approach

Every business is different. That’s why a big part of our work process if understanding your business and its goals. Finally, my team come up with uniquely tailored digital marketing strategy that suits your business the best.

Adaptive to Marketing Changes

Depending on quick fixed for achieving your business goals is not possible in this ever-changing digital world. So, your business required effective strategies to lie ahead of your competitors and stay on the top.

Encompassing every Solutions

Our versatile team of IT and Marketing experts are always at the helm. we understand how to get the most out of technology and how it can be used to grow your business, meeting your digital aspirations.

Seamless Transformations

We aim to introduce strategic improvements. Our mission is to provide your organisation with a smooth transformation that develops a sense of co-creation for everyone involved.

Brand Strategy

It isn’t always the best providers that win the most business. It’s those that market and brand themselves the right way. An effective brand strategy allows you to tap into the unique aspects of your business in a way that gets the attention of your target market.

I aim to create a comprehensive brand strategy that accounts for everything from the tone of your advertisements to social media strategies and customer relation policies. With help from experienced branding experts, you’ll learn how to turn visitors into customers and create a sense of brand loyalty over time.

In addition to guiding your brand positioning, strategy, and guidelines, I’ll work with your company to develop, design, and produce brand assets and collateral including:

  • Company logo
  • Brand guidelines (including colour palette, typeface, and logo formats)
  • Marketing collateral (stationary, envelopes, folders, case studies, email templates, etc.)
  • Advertising (Remarketing ads)

Our creative team will meet with you to gain insights into your company and vision for your branding design. We’ll turn your feedback into a strategic creative plan and direction before any of the design work ever begins. With a brand direction in place, we’ll begin development to present your team with a handful of new creative options that align with your company’s vision and goals. 

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Generate a constant flow of traffic and leads by making your site more visible in search engines. 

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is going through continuous transformations. Best practice requirements from Google, Bing and other search engines are constantly changing and it’s become one of the most fiercely competitive areas of online marketing. Like in a game of chess, you need to be able to put your strategy into effect in response to changing circumstances; there are no longer any short cuts! 

We develop a strategic plan for your website and focus on improving your ranking for relevant keywords, which yields valuable conversions. The implementation work starts with ensuring that the proper fundamentals are in place.
Is the design conversion-friendly and responsive?
Is the content engaging and relevant?
Once the foundations are in place, I will apply the advanced and proven techniques to achieve long-term results.


First, we get a brief from you to have an understanding of your business. Based on the response, we do a comprehensive analysis of your site and your targeted users.
Next, we research on your competitors and find out the possible strategies to get ahead of them. All these information are compiled into an initial report. Combining this with your business goal we create completely customised search engine optimisation packages for you forming the basis of our next step.


At this step, we share our optimisation recommendations with you. Our team will suggest some changes regarding the content, design and technical aspects of your site. Apart from these, we also start to work with a set of off-site optimisation strategies including content marketing and link building. We revise our strategies on a monthly basis, moving from general SEO methods to more technical and specific improvements as your search position keeps improving.

User oriented design

SEO is a continuous process. Without ongoing maintenance, your SEO campaign will soon fail to keep up with the competitors and previously successful strategies will quickly become obsolete. We continuously monitor your site’s overall performance and make necessary changes based on intensive data analysis. Our team regularly creates engaging contents, builds back links and citations to retain and improve your search ranking.

Social Media Marketing (SMM)

We are in an age where more than 70 percent of consumers expect a brand to have a social media presence. But, not just any social media presence—consumers expect your brand to have a tailored, cohesive social media marketing strategy. Almost every business can benefit from claiming their social media profiles and testing social media marketing campaigns. While most companies know they should be using social media to market their business, they don’t know what networks to invest in—Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.—or how much, and that’s where our social media management services step in.
Our social media marketing (SMM) services remove the complexity of social media marketing for business owners and let you stick to what you know best—running your business!

Social Media Marketing (SMM) Services

Auditing & Competitor Analysis

  • Completing a market analysis
  • Finding your local competitors
  • Analyzing content and messaging that performs well in your industry

Maintaining Social Campaigns

  • Researching content that has high engagement with your audience
  • Posting and scheduling regular posts
  • Monitoring engagement and interaction

Creating Goal oriented Paid Campaign

  • Creating custom audiences to target your brand
  • Creating copy for high-performing social ads
  • Reporting and improving paid social ads

Tracking Social Campaigns

  • Tracking and optimizing your audience
  • Tracking and optimizing engagement rates
  • Optimizing click-through-rate
  • Tracking and optimizing your ROI on paid campaigns

Monitoring Social Reputation

  • Monitoring social media reviews
  • Monitoring social media feedback
  • Monitoring social engagement
  • Monitoring brand mentions across social platforms

Amplifying Website Integration

  • Installation of social widgets on websites
  • Optional website social feed
  • Adding social buttons like “Share on Facebook” or “Pin This” to website content

Facebook Advertising

Facebook Advertising campaigns allows for both text and photos to be displayed on your advertisement for maximum audience engagement. You’re able to target your audience based on interests, demographics, and geography, while also determining how much you want to pay.

LinkedIn Advertising

LinkedIn Advertising services allow you to engage with more B2B customers. About four out of five LinkedIn members drive business decisions, and members have 2x the buying power of other social platforms. There are two paying options in LinkedIn Ads—cost per click or cost per mille (cost per 1000 impressions).

YouTube Advertising

YouTube is the second largest search engine and has a larger adult audience than any cable network. Unlike television, when you invest in a YouTube marketing campaign, you can target your ad only to your target audience. Plus, advertising on YouTube is as easy as connecting it to your AdWords account.

Twitter Advertising

Twitter allows you to choose the objective of your campaign, including tweet engagements, website clicks, app engagements, followers, or even leads, and it only charges you when your specified action occurs. Additionally, Twitter allows a maximum daily budget and maximum cost per action.

Lead Generation

Lead generation is the first step in the sales cycle. To do it effectively, you need to carefully analyse your target market and implement a strategy that will engage decision makers within your targeted market.

Businesses interested in inbound and outbound lead generation need to work with those who have the right experience working through business to business strategies. Our team use their digital skills to generate prospect qualified leads and guarantee lead quality.
That’s right; our lead performance is guaranteed.
You will only pay for qualified prospects and the enquiry we generate for you will be targeted to the right buyers, in the right way, at the right time. We understand how to generate great prospect enquiry; it’s in our DNA.

When we embark on a lead generation campaign, we seek to understand your product or service, what makes you different and who makes up your target audience. That knowledge is then utilized to create a rapport which leads to sincere, genuine communication with your prospects

Our objective is to turn your cold data into warm prospects and create a database rich with qualification information and market intel. We don’t rely on scripts but our ability to promote real conversation.

Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising

PPC advertising is essentially just what it sounds like: advertisers agree to pay a certain amount for every click on their ad based on bids created for their chosen keyword searches. It’s a dynamic system where advertisers compete with one another for the premium position in these paid results. So carefully developed strategies in placing those text ads for your chosen keywords or keyword phrases are essential. That’s where we come in.

Because PPC marketing can be very targeted to specific demographics, geographic areas, market segments, it offers more immediate results over search engine optimization (SEO). But, when used in conjunction with SEO, pay per click (PPC) can be a powerful lead generation tool. Focusing on the right keywords, the traffic they create, and the resulting conversions, PPC can offer tremendous ROI when executed effectively. PPC ads can also be placed on social networks, and typically these ads are more visually driven than a standard pay per click text ad. Paid social ads are also the perfect partner to search engine-driven PPC ads and can be leveraged in a complementary way to ensure your brand message is consistent throughout your marketing strategy. Our skilled PPC experts work with our clients to ensure that they are effectively positioned with budget and results in mind.

Platforms for PPC Advertising

Google Adwords is the most dominant player in the PPC advertising world as the most popular search engine. If you want your ads to reach your customers, this is where you want to be. We are experts in Adwords and can get your PPC advertising management started right away.

Bing Ads may not have the search engine market share that Google does, but it can still be effectively used to reach the right audience.

Facebook is globally dominant when it comes to social media with more than 1 billion active users; it’s also a major player when it comes to advertising platforms. For some businesses, Facebook is an unmatched partner in reaching the right audience. It’s also the gateway to Instagram ads.

LinkedIn ads offer access to the largest professional social network and, like Facebook ads, allow you to get granular with your ad targeting to industry, company and even job title.

Pay Per Click (PPC) Services

Keyword Research

Campaign Planning

Ad Text Creation

Landing Page Creation

Conversion Tracking

PPC Maintenance & Optimization

Competitive Research

Remarketing & Retargeting

Cost Per Click Optimization

Location based Campaign Management

Conversion Optimization

If your website is generating healthy volumes of traffic that doesn’t seem to translate into brochure downloads, email sign-ups or sales – your website isn’t working hard enough to convert your visitors.
Over the years, we’ve developed conversion optimisation strategies that significantly improve website conversion capabilities and result in tangible commercial outcomes. We’ll help you gain a better understanding of your customers, identify your current conversion barriers and highlight key opportunities for revenue growth. You’ll ultimately be empowered to make sound decisions based on scientific data analysis and strategic thinking. We’ve earned a reputation as masters in the art of optimising websites for conversion, through years of data analysis, tinkering and measurement. Our learning have been consolidated and translated into a highly scientific approach that’s been successfully road-tested with countless websites. We can do the same for yours

There’s nothing more disheartening than a high website bounce rate and disappointing conversion. It takes significant effort to generate a healthy flow of website traffic.

On-Page Behavior Monitoring​ – Clarity around how and when your visitors are interacting with your site to identify the conversion hot spots and black holes to your business.

Split URL Testing – Comparison of webpage performance to accurately identify the effective method in converting customers, so that evidence-based decision making can be made.

Hypothesis Development – Analysis of current conversion data and the testing and formulation of behavioral theories based on best practice and our own understanding of your customer.

Monthly Reporting – Ongoing tracking and reporting to allow us to continually raise the bar on conversion levels and introduce new ways of converting your customers.


Implementation of tools that facilitate behavioral analysis


Data collection and analysis to identify weaknesses and opportunities


Recommendation of alternatives that better capture opportunities


Results review and introduction of winning conversion formulas


Split testing, measurement and changes for the desired outcome

Content Marketing

Being competitive in the digital market means you need to be effectively engaging your audience and converting them into happy customers. Content Marketing plays a big role towards brand recognition and customer loyalty, and it isn’t just limited to text on websites. Content marketing includes videos, infographics, blogs, images, and podcasts. I aim to understand the successful content marketing strategies that will help you to grow your business. Through the use of advanced tracking and optimisation software, the performance of each campaign on a consistent basis can be increased. As a result, your business can gather more audience data, conversion information and sales performance.

The promotion of your content is a key component in a strong digital strategy. The approach and promotion of each type of content will be unique.

Facebook and Instagram: Leverage Facebook and Instagram to your advantage when marketing your business. The popular social media platforms provide you with several options for interacting with people.

Video amplification: Make your videos outstanding and attractive with the right solutions. Use the best amplification plans for making your videos dynamic and appealing to more people.

Native content: Native content aligns itself with the functionality of the platform the content appears on. This content is easier to notice as it moves in naturally within the platform.

Influencer outreach: Get in touch with major influencers in your field. Use an outreach plan to contact people who can share the word on everything you have to offer.

PR Prospecting: Prospecting is about reaching clients who might not be aware of your company but could benefit from what you have to offer. The process entails showing off a unique proposition and making one’s wares attractive to other people.

Many Forms of Contents

Articles – Researched and informative content on topics relevant to your audience from 500-2,000 words. 

Blogs – A section on your website that can contain regular information on your industry, personal reflections and can include videos, links, infographics and checklists.

Video Series – Creating a video series for your audience is a highly engaging form of marketing and with the growing popularity of video will help you achieve cut through.

eBooks – An informative in resource that can be used for lead generation and marketing activities.

Checklists – These are a succinct way of adding value to your audience and can be downloadable on your site, shared on social media or used in email marketing campaigns.

Interviews – Responses to common questions and topics of interest for your audience that can assist your customers see things from another person’s perspective.

Podcasts – A great way to build a following for your brand and includes regular installments that can be received by your subscribers automatically.

Guides – A factual and extensive resource focused on a highly researched topic or pain point.

FAQs – A list of frequently asked questions on topics and areas of consideration for your customers. This can also assist with customer service and internal resource management.

Infographics – This is a great way to visually represent a topic in a friendly way and is a great visual resource on your website.

Preferred approach for Contents Marketing

Create Value

Content marketing is creating valuable relevant content, sharing it with consumers who find it engaging, and ultimately attracting and acquiring a defined audience. Effective content marketing will organically convert this audience of viewers into customers and repeat clients. In addition to increasing your brand awareness, you plant the seeds to establish brand loyalty.

Leverage the Buyer Journey

Content is important in every stage of the buying cycle. Quality content engages the consumer at the beginning of the buying cycle fostering need recognition and their search for information. It allows you to position your brand as an authority on the subject and establishes trust. In the middle of the buying cycle, high quality content allows you to differentiate your offering as consumers evaluate alternatives.

Strengthen your Digital Strategy

Increased amounts of regular consistent content will not only increase your search engine ranking, but also your domain authority. Each new post will help keep your site relevant, an important factor when Google ranks your site in search results. Quality content will also serve to increase the authority, trust, and expertise of your site, further factors that will ultimately lead to higher search engine ranking. Consumers are keen to share information they found useful on social media. Quality eye-catching and attention grabbing content can go a long way towards developing a trusting relationship with your audience.

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