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Avelo Roy is a Tech Entrepreneur, Investor, TV Host & TEDx SpeakerAvelo Roy, Founder of Kolkata Ventures, Cofounder and CEO of Kiuqi, LLC (Chicago), Executive Partner, Pongworks (Chicago), Co-owner and Director, ECC Engineering Pvt. Ltd.(Kolkata), Board Member, Acumen Dynamics (Chicago), Board Member, Spring Ventures (Hong Kong), Guest Lecturer, Illinois Institute of Technology (Chicago).


It all started with a random event invitation on Facebook. It was an event organised by TiE Kolkata for encouraging entrepreneurship. We mixed feeling and confused mind, I attended the event. I thought it might be another event, where sponsored companies will be marketing product and services. My idea was to communicate and make some good connection with the attendees.  There was a good exchange of idea and views.

During my conversation, a guy informed me about  Avelo Roy and suggested me that once my product is ready I should contact him for mentorship. I returned home and that night I search on google ” who is avelo roy “. OMG, He is such a big name and so successful. No way, that I will be able to meet this guy and ask for mentorship. I was pretty sure that  It was not possible. But I started to follow him on the internet and started to read his blog. But never had that courage to contact him.

One day, Found him tagged on an article on facebook. Send him a friend request and to surprise he accepted the request. SHOCKED ! maybe someone is handling his facebook profile on his behave, which is quite normal for people like him.

Then, on 22nd Jan’16, I followed on twitter (@aveloroy) and then this happened.

Avelo Roy Twitter Direct, He sends me a direct message on twitter.

” Glad we connected over Twitter. I am an entrepreneur, educator and philanthropist. Please let me know if there is anything I can do to make you smile 🙂 ” 

Yes ! He sends me a direct message on twitter.


Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart for making my day. I would really be happy and fortunate if I can meet you and share my idea. Your mentorship will be a blessing for me. It seems like my idea will turn into reality very soon. I would love to dedicate my first blog post to you.



  1. https://aveloroy.com/avelo-roy/
  2. https://aveloroy.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/07/Avelo-Roy.jpg

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