Getting Start with WordPress Development

This is a basic workshop for people who want to learn about WordPress development, how to get started, the prerequisites. We will also discuss the best practice and the robust WordPress Community Support.

The Agendas:
1. Introduction to WordPress.
2. How to get started as a Developer.
3. How is the WordPress Market
4. 30 Min Q/A

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About Subrata Sarkar:
Subrata Sarkar is a Web developer based out of Kolkata, India. Subrata has developed many Plugins and is a Core Contributor. He is also a Meetup Organizer of Kolkata WordPress Community. He is currently working at Emfluence Digital Marketing, Kansas City, USA. He is a passionate free soul who loves to travel and also save the memories with his awesome photography skills.

About Rahul D Sarkar:
Rahul is a WordPress Developer & Digital Marketing Consultant who helps Startups, Small & Medium Business to solve Technical & Marketing Challenges, empowering them to focus and grow the business. One could describe him as a spiritual fast learning generalist and has a never ending crave to learn more & try new things. He has an intense desire for developing the much need innovative business solutions that actually work.

Currently, handing 2 startups and working with few communities very closely. Apart from that, He conducts various Training and Workshops on Web Development and Digital Marketing. Also, he is a big foodie and self-proclaimed proud solo traveller.

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