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I ❤️ WordPress. I started my development career with WordPress development. It was in the year of 2010, when I was first introduced to WordPress. It was love at first sight.

How I found about Kolkata WordPress Community?

Finding of Kolkata WordPress Community was just by chance. I run a Digital Marketing community for a past couple of years. In most case, the discussions are always limited things related to Digital Marketing. It was when a member asked for help regarding some technical issue about his WordPress website. I offered my assistance. Later during the conversion, he asked me if am a part of Kolkata WordPress Community. I said ” Nope “.

Later that evening, I started google about it and found the community page. I joined.

My first meetup.

After a day or two, I received an e-mail from the organizing team about the next meetup. I messaged one of the organizers( Subrata Sarker ) to inquire about the meetup, what happens, location etc.

I still remember asked him a lot of questions, to which he patiently replied. He asked me about myself and my profession. The conversation went on for almost 15-20 min. Then he asked me if I am comfortable to speak on Digital Marketing on the next meetup. ” YES, OF COURSE “.

Meetup Day

It was a rainy Saturday (July 28, 2018 – 4:30 PM to 6:30 PM). Reached the venue half drenched with my sister – Aditi.

My Kolkata WordPress Community(Meetup) Experience | Rahul D Sarker | Rahul D Sarker
Agenda for the day.

My talk was started within the next 15 min, just after a brief introduction(the guys before me was late 🙁 ). My session went on for almost 18 min, then proceed with the Q/A session. Whats an audience it was. Awesome. Full on interaction & participation. Enjoyed the session very much.

Note: Slide is attached at the end of the post. 🙂

All well that end’s well

It was a fantastic experience for me. I am truly grateful and privileged to meet such a wonderful community. Probably, one of the best thing that happened in 2018.